Update 28 Jan - Bug Fixes

Update 28 Jan - Bug Fixes
  • Fixed crash when querying remote computers.
  • Fixed crash when querying local computer.
  • Wrong task performance graph when using "Performance" view with "shorter" intervals.
  • Deleting the last process in "Parent Process" column didn't highlight the last process in the graph.
  • "Change all" option didn't work in "Processes" tab when "Show hidden processes" option was enabled.
  • Some USB drivers didn't show in "Device Manager" view.
  • New processes weren't added to the "Processes" tab when option "Don't show processes from other users" was enabled.  
  • "Create new process" dialog didn't show default "New file" location.
  • Option "Resolve open handles" didn't work on Windows 7.
  • Process tree didn't update when new process was created.
  • Fixed sorting in multi-column mode. 
  • Fixed visible columns in Details tab.
  • Fixed column width in Details tab.
  • Fixed some text truncation issues.
  • Fixed crash when showing certain columns.