Best Apps Similar to Process Explorer

Best Apps Similar to Process Explorer

Process Explorer is a process management utility for Windows. It provides detailed information about running processes and lets you navigate the hierarchy of processes. It has an extensive set of features that makes it one of the most popular tools for process management. Process Explorer can be used to kill a process and force the termination of a process. It can also be used to terminate a process tree and terminate all processes that belong to a running application. Process Explorer can be used to start a process that is not responding. You can also use it to suspend a process to prevent it from consuming CPU resources.

Process Monitor

Process Monitor is a utility that lets you take a snapshot of the current set of processes running on a computer. Unlike other utilities that provides a brief list of processes, Process Monitor displays detailed information about each process. It is a graphical user interface (GUI) application that runs from a command line. It has a live view of the processes running on a computer. It can also tell you what files and registry keys a process has been accessing. It can tell you the user account that the process belongs to and the owner of the process. Process Monitor can be used to troubleshoot a program that may not be running correctly. It can also be used to monitor a program, which creates a set of processes, to see if it is functioning properly.


System is a command-line utility that displays system information. It can be used to display various system-related information such as the number of CPUs, the amount of memory, the name of the computer, the hostname, the operating system version, and so on. System can also be used to display and manipulate the processes and threads running on a computer. It can collect and display information like the process ID, the thread ID, the process status, the memory usage, and so on. System can be used to list and show all the drivers that are currently loaded on the system. It can also be used to shutdown, restart, and logoff a computer.


TopProcess is an open-source Windows program that lets you view all running processes in a system. TopProcess is different from other Process Explorer alternatives, in that it is not only limited to Windows. TopProcess is also available for Mac OS X and Linux, and it can read process list files from Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.


X-Ray is a free, open-source system monitor that helps you see what is really happening on your computer. Unlike many system monitors, X-Ray does not attempt to offer a beautiful or intuitive interface. Rather, it provides a simple, text-based interface with navigation to the various running processes.

Task Manager

Task Manager is an invaluable tool for monitoring what is happening in your system. It’s important to note that this tool is not a substitute for Process Explorer. Task Manager is meant to show what tasks are running in your system. You can see the processes that are currently running, see how much CPU and memory are being used, and see how much disk space is being used. You can also see how much network traffic is being used.