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Process Explorer is a process management application with additional features for analyzing file system, registry, procedure activity. This is a tool for exploring processes running on your system. It shows you full list of open files, registry keys, running processes. It shows you DLLs, command line parameters, memory usage for each procedure. It shows you which of your programs are running, order of your running programs, which are using your computer's memory, CPU, or other system resources. Product Process Explorer downloads for Windows 10 lets you end programs that are no longer responding.


Software download Process Explorer for Windows 10 shows you what is running on your system. It allows you to see what's running on your system and how much of system resources they're taking up. Product Windows Process Explorer can show you command line parameters, DLLs, what processes are using most system resources. Has a top process window that shows you top procedure and how much of your system resources they're taking up. Left pane displays a tree view of procedure running on computer, while right pane displays a list of processes in a table. Tree view efficiently displays processes and their hierarchical relationship to other processes on computer.


Features Process Explorer app provides are not easily accessible nor straight forward to use. Instructions for using program are not clear and interface is not user-friendly. User interface of soft is easy to use and navigate. Colors are soothing on eyes. App is very lightweight so it doesn’t use up excessive system resources. Interface of Process Explorer downloading for free is rather intuitive and easy to use. It provides lots of information about running processes in form of tables, graphs, charts in a single view. It allows you to filter processes by name, priority, CPU usage, memory, I/O, disk, etc. App is a task-oriented tool, which is designed to show procedure that are on computer, resources they use. This information is presented in a clear and easy-to-understand way, interface is straightforward. Tool is very useful for system administrators and advanced users, interface is easy to use and navigate.


Software get Process Explorer is an excellent tool for troubleshooting problems with software due to its ability to terminate tasks and to show which files they have opened or are currently reading or writing. Provides a lot of information about what is running on your computer. You can see which programs are running and how much system resources they are using. It can show name, ID, company, description, memory usage, thread count, time that process was started. It shows which files are open by procedure, which DLLs are loaded by process, command line that procedure was invoked with, how many times process has called CreateProcess, much more.


Application does not have a lot of support. It does not give instructions for how to use program, interface is not user-friendly. Help file provides a lot of screenshots of different features of application. Product Process Explorer 64 bit has a forum where users can post questions or concerns about application. Software offers a wide variety of functionality, user can drag and drop to look at location in file system or list of threads. Interface is easy to use and information is easy to find. Is compatible with Windows XP and later and is available for download.


  • When I start Process Explorer on Linux, it starts with a blank screen.
    This is a known issue. One of most common causes is that soft window is larger than screen resolution. Try resizing window until data appears on screen.
  • My app is very slow and unresponsive.
    This can be due to a number of possible reasons.
  • I have a large number of processes being shown, and I want to find process that's using most CPU.
    Click "Find" button at bottom of procedure list, then type in process name and hit "Ctrl+F".


Overall, Process Explorer free is not user-friendly and has a difficult interface. Features it has are not easy to use and there is not a lot of documentation. Software is a freeware system utility designed to help a user analyze a computer's processes, threads, DLLs, Registry, security, shares, like. Applicationfeatures a number of highly-useful features, such as a search function that enables a user to find a specific procedure, ability to terminate a procedure, tree view that displays a visual representation of a process.

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